Love Notes: 2014 – 2016

In June 2012, three months out of my marriage, I reached out to K to see if he would be interested in considering an opportunity at the company I worked for. I had remembered him as a successful Brand Marketer from our time working together at another company, and thought he might be interested in a job there. I had no idea, upon meeting him for coffee, that fateful day in downtown Los Angeles at the E3 convention, that the rest of my life was going to be changed forever. And, in the best possible way.

Our beginning is a two-part story. The first covers a few heartfelt and sexually explosive dates with an understandable organic parting of ways (it just was not our time), to the second, over a year and a half later, where we met again. It was then that a love storm, like neither of us had ever experienced before, ensued.

These emails (and some texts) shared here were written between he and I spanning part one and part two above, from December 2013 through September 2016, where in August 2016 we stood in commitment to one another at our Playa Wedding during Burning Man at The Temple. )'(

To see the emails and texts, look for the tag, “Love Notes: 2014-2016”.