June 19, 2014 – June 22, 2014

So much music to share, way behind. But had to get this one over to you.

Waves remix by Mr. Probz. A year old but just found it yesterday. Just dreamy and makes me look forward to every moment of summer with you…lazy days, late nights, sunset picnics, all of it.

– K

This track is really perfect, dreamy yes, and so apt to the explosion of feelings I have for you, and for what we have. Listening to this song, watching everyone while I’m sitting here, headphones on, all the faces down in their laptops, people chatting it up on phones, with those sitting by them…just seeing all the life around me I can’t help but think about all the time we’ve had together, the fun we’ve had and the intimacy we’ve shared. Then, knowing there is so much to come, like you said, so much for us to experience and to still learn about one another, and from each other. I can get overwhelmed by it all sometimes, positively overwhelmed where I find myself catching my breath. It’s a good feeling and gives me pause thinking about how fortunate I am…we are.
 – J
Just wanted you to know that I received this. I knew this song would resonate and I love every word you wrote.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by our incredible good fortune, too.
Think of the odds…that we would have worked together but really only know of each other (and were in relationships anyway plus, hell, you were pregnant!), go in different directions, re-connect, enjoy a blossoming passion, go in different directions (again), then reunite and finally have everything align so that we could move forward in life together.
For us to arrive at this moment, we needed to make every choice that we made. Make every mistake we made. Enjoyed all the happiness and heartbreaks. Just so that when the moment arrived, we could step forward into this pure joy.
I’m so happy. You are a marvelous human being. To be able to experience life through a lens tinted with your glow makes every day better.
Thank you.
– K

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