White People: Talk to Your Kids about Racism

If you’re a parent, this is no time to be silent with your kids. Get in front of the hard conversation about the realities of racism. We can speak to our kids in age-appropriate ways. We can be models for them. We know racial injustice exists. We wouldn’t be here if it didn’t. We must teach our children about racism. If we don’t, someone else … Continue reading White People: Talk to Your Kids about Racism

What’s that Sound?

The below sermon was preached on this Sunday morning, 5/31/20, (and also posted to his blog) by my loving Brother, Pastor Todd Atkins-Whitley in Danville, CA. Whether you show up in our world as secular or religious, the words spoken matter. #blacklivesmatter This sermon was preached at Danville Congregational Church United Church of Christ on May 31, 2020 My friends—what a heart-breaking week this has … Continue reading What’s that Sound?

The Roadblocks and Guideposts to Right Now

For the first nine years of my education, I attended nine different schools across two states. Always a “new kid,” I was laughed at and bullied. No one talked to me, I did not do or wear things, the “right” way or the “cool” way. Along with experiencing loneliness; I felt shame and doubt about who I was. These experiences helped shape my character as … Continue reading The Roadblocks and Guideposts to Right Now

From My Professor, Covid-19 and Oppression

The Politico headline reads, “Coronavirus quarantines could rob poor, rural students of access to education.” My professor then asks— If a peer told you that it is simply easy to stay at home during this crisis, how would you respond? When reflecting on a graduate school class prompt from my professor I initially felt disbelief. Disbelief that there could possibly be someone in the world … Continue reading From My Professor, Covid-19 and Oppression

Oppression – My Story About Being Female

I remember the first time I was sexually violated. I was 13 years old and just out of middle-school. While I was “in love” with a boy in my 8th grade class, I had no idea what sex was. I do not recall ever having a “sex-ed” class at school. As far as my young mind was concerned, sex was kissing a boy with an … Continue reading Oppression – My Story About Being Female

“Oppression” – Jimmy Santiago Baca

What does it mean to be meaningfully self-aware? And, how can I incorporate meaningful self-awareness in my daily routine to ensure I am practicing anti-oppressive behavior? “People see what they are socially cued to see.” My ask to myself is to not succumb to my social cues; to not take the easy road for the sake of its ease. Instead, my ask to myself is … Continue reading “Oppression” – Jimmy Santiago Baca