Red Pants

Open space, dim lights and not many people yet. This is nice being the first ones here. He was right. No lines. A chance to acclimate to our surroundings and relax. Music fills the dance floor, seeping into every molecule, every fiber of being, be it the wood on the walls, the concrete on the floor, or the pores of my skin. It enters me gently, yet with a noticeable pressure, no holds barred permeating throughout my body, beating rhythmically. While laughing at something he said, I feel the power and energy of the night take hold. All of a sudden I feel it in my gut.

My God I haven’t felt this way in a long time. I smile even wider and start to laugh again, my head leaning over the railing, and my long hair falling around my face I allow this familiar feeling to resonate throughout my entire body. It starts with my core and then slowly, and effortlessly washes over the rest of my muscles, working from my center up to my head and down to my toes. Taking the time to engage each section of my body. Loosening them even more, preparing them for the night, as if giving me an internal massage. “Hello, old friend. It’s been a while. How the hell have you been? It’s a perfect evening to resurface and I’m glad you found your way.”

I look over at him and he can tell I’m feeling good and laughs with me. There is no where that I’d rather be than right there, right then. Serendipitous in a way. Although the evening was planned; purchasing tickets, dinner on the books, I think back to the beginning and am amazed at how easy it was to connect with someone so deeply who by happenstance became a part of my world. So different from past experiences and exactly what it needs to be at this time in my life. Sometimes the greatest gift is what the universe is giving you right at that moment in time, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right then. Being aware of surroundings and the people in them, being aware of what makes you feel good, and just going with it. That’s growing up. No falsities. No excuses.

The music pulls us to the dance floor. Intimacy…attraction..sweat on our lower backs and our brows. Synchronicity with each other and with the sound around us. Time passes.  Sometimes we are together, sometimes not and the mutual understanding this is ok. Being independent while still being together is meaningful, not negligent. Being able to engage with those around you, opposite sex or otherwise, connecting, touching, feeling, being human. Isn’t that what it is all about? Humanity that is. So simple really, but we as humans, convolute the simple oftentimes. 

Looking around, seeing all the different people who chose this place at this time. Together, we share in this moment, moving rhythmically on the floor. Holding our hands up when the build kicks in. Shouts for more. Each with a thread that binds us here, yet with our own special purpose. Unity can be a  powerful force. Not always recognizable in our day to day, but when it makes itself present unity can knock you off your feet. Through the years, many generations, in their own way, their own time have found this truth. This cognizance of being one together. How fortunate to be a part of this greater whole. 

The music, not stopping, getting stronger with each impactful. How many times have I been to this place. This place of calm, this place of happiness, of forgetting all the stress of the day, and just being in the now. Conveying feelings with words is sometimes difficult, that said, sometimes you can look over to the person next to you, lock eyes and no words are even necessary. You are feeling and thinking the exact same thing. 

Tiredness begins to set in and a bit of disorientation makes its presence. How was my phone so easy to manipulate a few hours ago, but now I can’t even find the key to turn the flash off? Reality sets in as well, although not in a devious way. It’s the reality where the unreal is really the real. I can feel my mind opening up even more and accepting happiness without any caution or doubt to it’s validity. How good it feels to let go. My world is a constant. Being able to have this time, these hours to just be. With someone of like mind and energy..amazing. Wet kisses, made prevalent by free flowing water bottles and sexual connection. Hot hands and fingers intertwined and spread wide. A night where each minute is compounded by the positive forces of the minute before. 

Massages ensue. Shoulders, back, thighs, calves, triceps, lats…the good spots, the spots we don’t always take care of. Why don’t we do more of this? Then, the need for cool air on our faces is a must. We walk outside. Ahhhh..the air, fresh and cool, hits us, our pores open up…hair standing up on our skin. Life is fascinating and shows up on this earth in such different form. On the one hand your inside feeling a pulsation made by man, yet so primal in it’s form. On the other your outside feeling the same pulsation from wind and rain, different, yet still primal in it’s natural form. Awareness to surroundings. 

The positive energy permeates between us. Interconnectedness, relevancy and the quiet acceptance of just being. Oh wow, there goes the build again. The bass. Is it purposeful? This music. Does the DJ realize what his or her music really does to us? The intention of it all. Or, is it just coincidence? Does it even matter? In a place where you can randomly meet someone, share a moment together, have friendly and meaningful conversation with smiles. From the bad ass 4’11” woman on the dance floor to the cool dude with the light gloves and shades to the bartender who fed us good vibes all night. That thread that’s the music. So, yes, it does matter. It matters to me, and that’s real. 

The crowd thins. We could have probably been not only the first ones in, but the last ones out. We are wiser though, and know when it is time to call it a day. Lyft ride home, his hand between my legs, under my pants. Feels so good. Absurdity in the ease by which our intimacy unfolds itself. 

Washing his face at his pad, feeling the curve of his cheekbones and the squareness of his jawline. Moments where I know everything said, yet not said is understood and acknowledged. In bed finally, dim lights, movements with light on the ceiling, and slowly our bodies winding down while desiring to stay alert…reacting and recalling the beats and rhythms of our earlier evening. Sleep slowly takes over. Wait, is this my music playing or his? Déjà Vu? How is it that someone could be living a completely different life have such parallelism to my own? How fortunate to connect with someone in this way. Thank you universe for this gift.

Early morning the next day, the sun on our faces and our backs. I awake and stretch. I let the thoughts of Friday night float across my mind. Looking at the skin on his neck, my arm wrapped over him, my naked body pressed against his back, all I can think about is him inside me again. Full circle. 

The night was filled with laughter, sexuality, positivity, and music. You can’t ask for much more. 


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