July 10, 2012 – July 15, 2012 (First Date)

How are you? Hope this finds you doing well. I’m back from my trips, digging back into work and enjoying being home. Lots of good memories, stories, pictures…but as any good vacation does, it left me ready to come home and and rejoin life.

Am I still on the invite list for a trip to visit you? Let’s make it happen.

Looking forward to coming out for a visit.

Talk soon!
– K

So nice to hear from you. Welcome back! I’m sure your trip was absolutely amazing and I look forward to hearing all the details. 😉 You are right though, long vacations beget a desire to be home and settled. Of course you are still on the invite list. Did you get your passport in order though?

A visit to my little neck of the woods would be nice, a fab dinner, little wine, enjoyable conversation with good company…perfect.

Let me know what you think…

– J

Yeah, I got a tourist visa to go East of the 405 so we’re golden. Really excited to see what the stamp looks like for driving up the 110.

Want to aim for Monday or Tuesday?

  • Dinner. Yes
  • Wine. Yes
  • Conversation and company. By all means.

Let’s do it :^)

– K

I’m glad to hear you are open to venturing out this way. Since it’ll be a Sunday the selection shrinks a bit. It’s awesome here and we have plenty of fun places to eat and drink, but more so geared towards the very casual dining, Vietnamese, Thai, Sandwich shops, Taco stops (which we could totally do if you like.)

I know an amazing sushi place in the most unsuspecting location. Honestly, the best sushi. I know everyone says that, but really, it’s pretty freaking good. How about a little sake in place of red wine?  If you are down, not going to send you the Yelp location, it will be a surprise. 😉

Talk soon.

– J

Ok, Sushi it is. Look, I’ll never say no to good sushi. And yes, make it a surprise. And I hope you have a sense for me well enough to know that I’m as good with a taco truck as I am with Mastro’s steakhouse. The food is fine; coming out there is about the company. I know you know that ;^)

Hope the weekend has been superb!

– K

Awesome, yup, I have a sense for you that it doesn’t matter either way. Like minds…

Till then.

– J



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