“d’Autremont” by My Brother, Todd Whitley, The Giver and Seer




the noise and din of their conversations fill the nostalgic dining hall.
i sit in the corner, 35 days to go, taking it all in.
it is beautiful. it is sacred.
this music is my prayer.

exhausted but enthusiastic first-years share and encourage…
weary but diligent second-years find comfort in a moment to eat and chat…
resilient members of our gender-diverse student group hold space for and with one another…

at one table, some of our API kin gather for a meal and community…
at another, our swedenborgian cousins discuss the intersections of faith, life, and practice…
still other tables are full of folks who would appear to have absolutely nothing in common, except to engage in the practice of presence.

in this space, we who can gather are fully present
with our seminary ancestors and forebears,
communing in sacred table fellowship and
forming intentional and beloved community.


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