A Holiday Blessing to My Brother

Every year I receive one gift that brings a wide smile to my face. One gift that can make me laugh till my sides hurt. One gift that provides me inspiration like no other person on this earth. This is a gift is a human being. He pushes me to strive for more in my life. He shows me how to hold out my hand to those in need. He is a gift who encourages me to share my love with others with empathy and vulnerability. He is a gift who demonstrates to me in both word and action what it means to see, to listen, and to value people everywhere, providing spaces for them to then experience and witness their own gifts of love and meaning. He is a gift who reminds me I am whole and complete. We all are. He says to me with his soft smile and bright eyes. This gift has taught me a truth about humanity.

The gift is my brother. There is no one like him. No one I admire more. I don’t ask questions any longer about how and when he arrived in my life. I receive him as my gift year after year in glorious bounty. I am grateful beyond words that the world chose me as his recipient.

I have yet to reach my full potential. There is more for me written in the stars. I know this and am on my way. He has always seen in me what I haven’t always seen in myself. Because of his belief in me, the path I am forging has become clearer each day. I see the path and it is illuminated ahead of me with his light.

My brother is my gift. One that is precious and dear. For eternity.

Merry Christmas, big brother. I love you. 🎄🌟💜

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